Industrial Sound Deadening Solutions for Machines & Fans

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Sound Deadening Solutions for Industrial Machine and Fan Noise

We offer a range of industrial sound deadening solutions to reduce the noise from factory machines, fans, blowers, chutes, ducts, etc. Our solutions are not widely available and use advanced technology and engineering techniques to provide high noise reduction coupled with exceptional durability compared with other, more common noise deadening solutions. A major benefit of our specialist solutions is their low installation cost, which can save companies thousands of pounds. This, coupled with their high noise reduction and durability, has made our sound deadening solutions very popular.
Our industrial noise deadening solutions have been applied to all types of machine in all types of factory, successfully reducing noise in the workplace and helping companies to comply with the noise at work regulations. Our solutions have also successfully solved many noise nuisance problems where the sound from fans, air conditioners, chillers and other industrial machines was causing nuisance and annoyance to people living near a factory or commercial office. Many of our sound deadening solutions provide a much higher noise reduction than other types of solution. Consequently we have solved many noise nuisance problems after other sound reduction products (from other companies) had been tried, but failed to provide sufficient sound reduction to satisfy the complainants.


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Best Sound Deadening Material & Method

Sound deadening can mean different things but it is most commonly used to refer to noise deadening treatment applied to machine panels or chutes that vibrate and thereby radiate high levels of noise. The panel vibration can be generated by a reciprocating engine or a hydraulic pump, for example, and the vibration is transmitted from the source through the machine structure to (usually) thin external panels which radiate high noise levels. Panel vibration can also be caused by impacts, for example product falling onto chutes or ducts.
The most common form of sound deadening is to adhere flexible rubber type material to the vibrating panel or chute. This type of noise deadening material usually provides a low sound reduction when applied to vibrating panels. When applied to the inside of chutes or ducts to cushion product impacts, this material can provide high noise reduction. But, often the sound deadening material is quickly eroded away by constant product impacts on its surface, which means the loud noise soon returns. Also the material that is eroded away can contaminate the product being handled by the chute or duct, and this can cause quality problems. Our specialist noise deadening solution is different to flexible rubber type materials and combines very high noise reduction with a highly durable surface, so it doesn't erode, yet still provides a high noise reduction.
There is an example in a carrot packing factory on sound dampening for chute impacts.


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Best Sound Deadening Company

We have provided machine sound deadening noise solutions for many of the best known and largest companies in the UK and for all types of machine and industry. Although most of our work is for industrial companies, we also provide solutions to any reasonable sized commercial company, using sound deadening to help them to reduce the noise from fans, blowers, air conditioners, air handling units (AHU), HVAC systems, heaters, chutes, ducts and a wide range of other equipment and machines.

We can also provide effective “noise / sound deadening” solutions for buildings of all types, as well as machines. Our solutions can reduce the echo and sound levels inside a building using specialist absorption panels, and / or reduce the sound transmitted from or into a building.

How to find a sound deadening noise solution

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There are several other ways to reduce noise beside using sound deadening methods. Other methods can be more suitable for some types of machine, chute or duct. Details of all the noise reduction options available are shown in our guide on how to reduce noise at work.

Industrial sound deadening solutions for machine and fan noise