Dust extract fan noise reduction : food industry - sweet manufacture

We were asked to reduce fan noise after a factory that makes sweets received complaints of noise disturbance due to a loud 'hum' sound that was keeping local residents awake at night. The source was an industrial dust extractor fan that exhausted air through the factory wall. A normal off-the-shelf silencer could not reduce fan noise sufficiently - a very high noise reduction was needed. So, our company purpose-designed a high performance silencer especially for this fan. Because the 'hum' was the most noticeable and annoying feature of the fan noise, we designed the noise control silencer to provide a very high noise reduction at the 'hum' frequency.

The silencer was a highly successful noise control solution, reducing the fan 'hum' noise by a massive 25 dB, making it inaudible at the nearest house. This is a much higher noise reduction than could have been achieved by a standard silencer, which typically would only reduce the noise hum by about 10 dB.

Fan hums, drones and whines are a very common cause of industrial noise nuisance in the food industry and elsewhere. A purpose-designed silencer can reduce the noise from any type of fan, achieving very high noise reduction coupled with very low flow resistance.

Low flow resistance is important to avoid impairing fan suction or extraction performance. To achieve a high noise reduction, common types of industrial silencer usually have acoustic absorbent splitters located within the airflow, and this can create a high flow resistance, increasing the load on the fan and lowering the fan airflow. This can reduce performance to such an extent that the fan does not extract sufficient dust. A purpose-designed silencer avoids this problem - it can provide a much higher noise reduction than a standard silencer with considerably lower flow resistance.

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