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Reducing Noise in a Workshop

Advanced Noise Solutions is a specialist company that uses noise reduction engineers to reduce sound at source. Our solutions have been highly successful in reducing noise at work and also noise nuisance that is causing annoyance to local residents. Wherever possible, we always engineer the noise out at source because this provides major benefits compared with other types of noise solution. The benefits include considerably lower cost and much higher noise reduction.

We provide noise control services and solutions to a wide range of factories and industrial companies as well as to medium or large commercial companies. Our noise engineers work throughout the UK. There is a list of areas that we cover in on industrial noise control areas.


Applying noise control to a brewery company

The company was founded by a professional Mechanical Engineer (with a 2.1 degree from Bath University, UK), who specialised in noise reduction during his degree course. He has focused all the training and expertise he gained as an engineer on solving noise problems. The result is a specialist company of noise control engineers that provides a range of specialist engineering solutions, many of which use advanced technology to suppress the noise generating mechanisms at source. This engineering noise “at source” type of solution provides major benefits over common solutions.

The benefits include:

a) large cost savings

b) avoiding access restrictions

This contrasts with common solutions such as acoustic enclosures and hoods which, by restricting access, can slow down operators and reduce productivity.


The combination of the training and knowledge of a professional Mechanical Engineer with specialist noise control expertise is unusual. Most experts in the noise reduction industry are not engineers. Consequently, engineering solutions are not widely available. One reason is that it often requires the specialist knowledge of a professional Mechanical Engineer to develop this type of noise solution. Another is that it is often difficult to diagnose the major noise sources within a machine or production line, and a noise engineer often needs considerable expertise and experience to be able to do this. A noise engineer cannot design a solution that suppresses the noise at source until he has accurately determined the main noise sources!

Machine Sound Reduction - Factory Noise
Noise Solution for Shredder

Example: if you do not know what generates most of the noise within a machine, your only option is to enclose the whole machine. But, if a noise reduction engineer works out that most of the noise is generated by the intake of the extractor fan, this provides you with another option - that of fitting a silencer to the fan instead. So, this gives you two options from which to choose:-

Solution 1: Acoustic enclosure: Cost typically £6000 - £10,000 per machine, depending on size of machine. Restricts access for operation and maintenance.


Solution 2: Silencer for fan: Purchase cost about £100 per machine. Can often be installed by in-house maintenance fitters at very low cost. No access restrictions.

This simple example shows the large cost savings and other benefits achievable by using a noise reduction engineer / expert who has extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing noise sources. But accurate diagnosis is only the first step. The second step is for the noise reduction engineer / expert to develop a solution that is practical and achieves high sound reduction, coupled with low cost, high durability and operational acceptability. This requires the noise engineer to have considerable expertise and experience of fundamental noise reduction techniques, different noise control materials / products and industrial manufacturing processes. A successful noise control engineer also needs original thinking on ways of suppressing, or breaking up, the noise generating mechanisms.

Advanced Noise Solutions combines all these elements in a single company. This has resulted in solutions described by one satisfied customer, a major UK company, as:

'The best noise solutions I've seen. In a different league'

Engineering noise control solution for vibratory bowl feeder

For more information on our noise control engineer / company, our solutions and other services, please see the other pages on this website. To find out how our noise reduction engineers can help your company with an industrial noise problem, please contact us.

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