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Vibration Reduction and Measurement

Vibration generates noise, so measurement, reduction and isolation of vibration are an intrinsic part of noise control within industry and elsewhere. However, vibration can also cause a problem in its own right - discomfort, risk of damage to buildings and people, etc.

Vibration Control

The approach of our company to vibration control and vibration isolation is to assess a wider range of options than normally considered, and this can provide higher vibration reductions.

For example, we use unusual types of industrial vibration isolation material, where appropriate, to provide a higher reduction than is possible with the types of anti-vibration mount, isolator and isolation material usually used on an industrial machine.

Acoustic engineering solutions
workers noise exposure assessment

Anti-vibration mount and vibration isolator selection

Normally, an industrial anti-vibration mount or isolator is selected using theoretical data only, whereas the reduction actually achieved is very dependent on the vibration response of the structure that the anti-vibration mount is attached to. Resonances can mean that, in some cases instead of reducing it, the isolators and anti vibration mounts amplify the vibration causing the discomfort or noise nuisance!

By carrying out vibration measurements on both the support structure and the vibration source (industrial machine), together with narrow band frequency analysis, our vibration consultant / engineer can determine the optimum vibration control solution, that achieves the highest possible vibration reduction at the frequencies causing the discomfort or noise nuisance.

Acoustic solution for office noise

Example: Vibration from two industrial compressors in a company plant room was causing considerable noise nuisance in the office below, even though vibration isolator pads were fitted beneath each compressor. By carrying out narrow band frequency analysis of the noise, our engineer / consultant determined the main vibration frequencies causing the noise nuisance in the office. He then selected an anti-vibration material that provided a much higher vibration reduction at the frequencies causing the noise nuisance. The new vibration isolator pads were highly successful, reducing the noise in the office by 22 dB, and making the compressors completely inaudible in the office.

Vibration Measurement

We provide a vibration measurement service for companies (and act as vibration consultant / engineer) for a range of industrial and other applications.

To find out how we can help you with vibration measurement, control or isolation, or if you need a vibration consultant / engineer, please click on contact us about vibration control.

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