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Details of noise solution to control sound at work and nuisance noise

Noise Solution for Industrial and Commercial Companies

Our specialist noise solutions provide high sound reductions at considerably lower cost than other, more common types of noise solution. The way we achieve high noise reduction at low cost is by identifying the root cause of sound problems then using a range of advanced technology and engineering solutions to suppress the noise at source, wherever possible breaking up the sound generating mechanism. These high performance types of noise solution are not available from other companies.

We have over 35 years' experience of applying our specialist noise solutions to all types of manufacturing machine to reduce industrial workers' noise exposures. Our specialist types of noise solution have also been highly successful when suppressing sound that is causing nuisance to residents living near noisy factories and commercial buildings. We have carried out many projects where a specialist noise solution of ours made the annoying sound inaudible at residential properties after other companies tried using common types of noise solution but didn't achieve sufficient sound reduction.

Our specialist types of noise solution have been applied to all types of industrial companies including whisky distillery firms, such as the one where the above photo of copper stills was taken. We have also helped many non-industrial, commercial companies that were causing noise nuisance to local residents. Fans are the most common cause of noise nuisance and we have successfully suppressed the sound from all types of extractor fan, and dust collector systems.

Noise Solution in the Workplace

Our specialist types of industrial noise solution have been highly successful in reducing noise at work and helping companies to comply with the Control of Noise at Work regulations. When applied to machines in factories to reduce workers' noise exposures, the major benefits of our noise solutions include:

- low cost (much lower cost than more common types of noise solution)

- unrestricted machine access (common types of noise solution such as hoods and acoustic enclosures restrict access and visibility making it more difficult to operate machines - this can reduce the production rate)

- improved machine performance. By suppressing the fundamental noise generating mechanism at source, our specialist types of noise solution can sometimes improve the performance of the machine or reduce operating costs as well as lowering the sound.

The benefits of our noise solutions are so large that they have proved highly popular and successful. Consequently, our specialist type of noise solution has been applied to numerous types of machine throughout industry and in many of the largest and most well-known manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical companies in the UK (as well as for medium sized and less well-known types of company).

For more details of how our experts reduce workplace sound, click solution to control noise at work.

Noise Solution for Nuisance affecting Residents

We have solved many noise nuisance problems where residents were complaining about sound from a nearby industrial factory or other commercial premises. Our specialist noise solutions usually provide much higher sound reduction than common types of noise solution - and usually make the sound inaudible at residents' houses.

We have carried out numerous projects where we have successfully resolved nuisance problems after other companies had previously installed common types of noise solution that had failed to provide sufficient sound reduction. It is very common for companies to spend thousands of pounds on a noise solution that does not achieve sufficient reduction to satisfy the complainants. Had they chosen our noise solution from the outset, these companies could have saved the thousands of pounds spent on these less effective types of solution.

At the start of a project, the first step that our experts carry out is to accurately identify the main noise sources and noise generating mechanisms. To do this, we rely heavily on our considerable experience and expertise coupled with very sophisticated sound measurement and analysis equipment. Once our experts have identified the exact cause of the noise, we provide a noise solution that suppresses the sound at source and breaks up the sound generating mechanism wherever possible. This is one way in which we achieve exceptionally high noise reductions. Another way is to use a noise solution that isbased on advanced technology (hence our company name: Advanced Noise Solutions).

Click noise abatement services - nuisance for more details on the benefits of our noise solutions for solving nuisance problems.

Fans are the most common cause of noise nuisance. For examples of projects where we have successfully resolved nuisance complaints caused by fans, cyclones, dust collectors, extractors, blowers, etc., click solution to reduce fan noise.

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high performance noise solution for industrial and commercial companies

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