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Acoustic consultant company information on noise surveys, reduction and control services

Acoustic Consultant Services

Our acoustic consultant company provides high quality surveys and solutions to noise problems. We can help with industrial noise (including fan noise), buildings sound, acoustics within buildings (such as echo) and noise control from other commercial and leisure activities. Our acoustic consultant company has over 35 years' experience of measuring sound and reducing noise on a wide variety of equipment and activities. As well as solving existing problems, our acoustic consultants can help avoid future problems by predicting noise for planned developments or company relocations and by carrying out noise impact assessments, for example to assist with planning applications.

For industrial noise control, our acoustic consultant company provides a range of specialist solutions that considerably reduce the installation cost compared with more common types of solution. We frequently save customers thousands of pounds using specialist solutions that have a very low installation cost. In noise nuisance cases where industrial equipment is annoying nearby residents, our specialist solutions often provide a much higher noise reduction than common types of solution. Extractor fans are a common example where our acoustic consultant company's specialist solutions provide higher noise reductions than common types of solution. Our specialist solutions have often made the fan noise inaudible at nearby houses after other solutions had been tried but did not achieve enough noise reduction to satisfy the residents.

The above photograph shows a college building where our acoustic consultants provided a solution to reduce the noise from extractor fans that had been causing noise nuisance complaints from a nearby resident. There were two kitchen extractor fans and one general extractor fan, all of which expelled air from vents situated high up in the building wall.

Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, our acoustic consultant company provides sound suppression and survey services throughout the UK.

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Acoustic Consultants - Industrial, Planning, Buildings, UK

Our acoustic consultants provide noise reduction / control and sound measurement services to industrial, commercial, building, planning and other companies in Hertfordshire (Herts), Cambridgeshire (Cambs), Oxfordshire, Sussex, Essex, Middlesex, Kent, Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Bedfordshire (Beds), Northamptonshire (Northants) and most other areas of the UK. Our acoustic consultant company is based in St. Albans in the South East of England.

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