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Noise reduction for centrifugal extractor fan

Industrial centrifugal extractor fan & blower noise reduction

We have carried out many industrial extractor fan noise reduction projects for numerous industrial manufacturing companies. This picture is an example where a high noise reduction was needed for a centrifugal extractor fan that blows sawdust to a dust collector. The dust collector and extractor fan were located outside, close to an office belonging to another company. The occupants of the office were complaining about the extractor fan noise and asking the manufacturing company to reduce the sound level.

We suggested several different options for achieving the necessary noise reduction on the extractor fan and dust collector. This allowed the company to select their preferred option depending on installation cost, ease of installation and operational considerations.

Industrial centrifugal extractor fans are a common cause of noise nuisance and often require a high noise reduction.

Noise reduction for centrifugal fan / blower

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