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Noise control solutions for axial cooling fans

Noise control specialist solution for axial cooling fans

These two axial cooling fans were causing noise nuisance to local residents, especially at night. The cooling fans kept starting and stopping, which made their sound more noticeable and annoying. Our specialist suggested three noise control options to the company who owned and operated the axial cooling fans. All these options were capable of achieving the sound reduction needed, but each had a different installation cost and timescale. The noise control option they chose reduced the axial cooling fan noise sufficiently to avoid disturbing the neighbours even on a hot summer’s night when residents had their windows open.

Cooling fan noise from axial or centrifugal blowers is a common cause of nuisance, and we can offer a range of specialist noise control options that achieve high sound reduction at low cost. Cooling fans come in a variety of types and sizes. Our specialist noise control solutions can successfully reduce the sound on all types of industrial cooling fan, blower etc. whether axial, centrifugal or mixed flow.

For more information on our specialist axial fan noise control solutions, see the menu at top of the page under Industrial Noise Reduction.

Fan noise control specialist solutions

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