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Abatement of Industrial Noise Nuisance

By reducing the sound at source, our solutions can provide much higher noise reduction at considerably lower cost than common types of solution. Our noise abatement company has many years' success of helping industrial companies to solve noise pollution problems that cause nuisance or disturbance to local residents.

For many types of machine, our specialist sound control solutions provide a much higher noise reduction than common noise suppression equipment such as a sound barrier, acoustic screen, sound reducing enclosure, fan silencer, etc. As a result, we have solved many nuisance problems where other noise abatement solutions have failed.

Our "at source" solutions use advanced technology and specialist engineering techniques to achieve high noise reductions at considerably lower cost than common types of noise abatement solution. Consequently, we often help our customers save thousands of pounds on the cost of industrial noise control.

Noise Abatement Procedure

Our first step in any noise abatement project is to identify the precise cause of the nuisance. Our company has considerable expertise and experience in identifying the main noise sources. Using this and highly sophisticated measurement and frequency analysis equipment, we can pinpoint the causes of a noise nuisance problem very accurately and precisely, even down to an individual fan, gear or bearing. This ensures that the money spent on noise abatement is targeted where it has most effect and avoids wasted expenditure.

Example: following a noise nuisance complaint, a company was about to fit a very expensive stainless steel silencer to each of 3 large fans when it decided to consult us before proceeding. Our diagnostic measurements showed that the noise nuisance was not generated by the fans, but by a badly worn bearing on a conveyor motor situated outside the factory. So, our noise engineer saved the company wasting £18,000 on silencers that would have provided no noise reduction and would have failed to solve the nuisance problem.

Noise Abatement using Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

Solutions that use advanced noise reduction technology or engineering techniques to reduce the sound at source provide many benefits over more common types of noise attenuation solution. The major benefits include: large cost savings, higher noise reductions, avoiding loss of machine performance plus saving time and money spent on maintenance. The benefits are so large that we use this type of solution to resolve nuisance problems whenever possible, and only use common noise abatement solutions, such as a sound barrier, acoustic screen, or acoustic enclosure, as a last resort.

Some examples of the benefits of using our advanced technology or engineering techniques to reduce the noise at source are given below:

  • Large cost savings

    Example: two large extract fans that were causing a noise nuisance problem

    Usual method: acoustic enclosure and silencer for each fan: Cost: £10,000
    Our specialist fan noise abatement solution: Cost: £4,500.Saving: £5,500

    Example: low frequency boiler drone (53 Hz) noise nuisance problem

    The usual noise attenuation method for a boiler is a large industrial silencer. To reduce the drone sound by 20 dB, a silencer manufacturer quoted £10,000 - £14,000 depending on the allowable pressure drop. Our engineering solution reduced the boiler drone by 22 dB with no pressure drop. Cost: £2000.
    Saving: £8,000 - £12,000

  • Higher noise reduction than common solutions

    Example: food industry fan noise disturbance

    A low frequency fan noise drone was causing nuisance to local residents. Because the performance of silencers is very poor at low frequencies, a standard silencer or attenuator would have reduced the drone by only 3 dB. This is such a small sound reduction that residents would not have noticed any difference. Using advanced technology, our fan noise abatement solution reduced the noise drone by 19 dB. This is 16 dB higher noise reduction than the silencer could have provided. Our solution achieved such a large noise reduction that it completely eliminated the drone sound, making it inaudible at the nearest house. It cost less than fitting a silencer to each fan and can be cleaned using high pressure water, which was a food industry hygiene requirement. A silencer could not have been cleaned in this way.

    Example: low frequency dust extract fan noise control problem:

    A low frequency drone sound (149 Hz) caused noise nuisance complaints as soon as two dust extract fans were installed outside a new UK factory. Industrial noise abatement enclosures costing £6000 were fitted to each fan but did not solve the noise nuisance problem. Next, a large acoustic screen, costing £8000, was installed. Complaints continued.

    Then, we were asked to help.  Our noise abatement solution used advanced technology to reduce the fan noise at source.  This produced such a large noise reduction that it made the dust extract fans completely inaudible at the nearest house.  The noise nuisance complaints stopped immediately. 

    So our advanced technology solution succeeded where enclosures and a screen had failed.  In addition, our solution cost only a small fraction of the enclosures and screen.  Had our fan noise abatement solution been fitted first, it could have saved the company the £14,000 it spent on noise control enclosures and an acoustic screen.

    Example: drier, furnace, heater, flare, burner & boiler noise control problems:

    Low frequency combustion noise, i.e. hums / drones from various types of boiler, dryer, furnace, etc. are a common cause of nuisance and noise abatement notices being served. The drone frequency is usually so low that normal sound suppression equipment like an industrial silencer or attenuator provides little noise reduction (unless a very large, complex silencer is used, which is extremely expensive). In contrast, our advanced technology sound-proofing solutions provide large noise reductions at low cost. Here are a few examples of the very large noise reductions achieved for several low frequency drones:-

    • Low frequency boiler drone (117 Hz): 10 dB noise reduction
    • Drier noise reduced by 11 dBA
    • Low frequency boiler drone (110 Hz): 15 dB reduction
    • Low frequency burner noise drone (37 Hz) reduced by 22 dB

  • Higher production performance

    Example: industrial fan noise abatement solution

    Where high noise reduction is required for an industrial fan, the type of silencer normally used imposes high resistance to airflow because this is the only way that a silencer can achieve the large noise reduction needed. This high resistance can impair fan performance considerably, which can result in the airflow / extraction performance being inadequate.

    The solutions we normally use to reduce industrial fan noise have very low flow resistance so they do not significantly reduce fan performance or increase energy consumption. This means that our solutions can provide large performance benefits over common noise abatement solutions such as a silencer.
  • Save time and money spent on maintenance

    Example: industrial fan noise abatement

    The normal sound attenuation method for a fan is an industrial silencer, which can require periodic cleaning and replacement, particularly where the air is dusty. This means that regular maintenance is required, costing time and money.

    Advanced technology fan noise control solutions involve engineering modifications that last the life of the fan without maintenance. So, an advanced technology solution solves the noise nuisance problem permanently, preventing complaints (and noise abatement notices!) resurfacing later as can occur with a silencer when it becomes clogged by dust. Also, there are no maintenance costs, or machine down time for maintenance.

As a result of these large benefits, our engineering and advanced technology types of noise abatement solution have proved very successful for reducing industrial noise pollution. Our industrial sound suppression services have become so popular that a substantial amount of our work involves helping industry to resolve nuisance complaints and comply with noise abatement notices.

More information and examples are shown in our company brochure. For a copy, a quotation, or to find out how we can help you save money on or solve an industrial noise suppression problem, please click on contact us about abatement of noise nuisance.

If you are a domestic resident who is suffering noise nuisance from a UK industrial or commercial business, instead of ringing us, please click on noise abatement advice to see our advice on how to solve the problem.

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