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We are a specialist noise consultant company with a reputation for achieving large cost savings for our customers, and with over 35 years' experience of noise reduction, measurement and prediction. Our noise consultant company provides a range of professional services for industrial noise control problems, environmental / planning noise and sound within most types of building - for which we offer acoustic, sound insulation or other noise reduction solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service to industrial and commercial customers, and have solved numerous noise problems for many different firms, including for many of the largest manufacturing, food, drinks and pharmaceutical companies in the UK.

Below are brief details of our noise consultant services for industrial and building noise:-

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UK noise consultants

Industrial Noise Consultant

Industrial noise control is an area where our professional noise consultant services can save customers a considerable amount of money - often thousands of pounds. These large cost savings are achieved mainly because we provide a range of high technology, low cost 'engineering' noise reduction solutions that are not well known or widely available.

Sometimes, we recommend noise control products that are available off the shelf. As an independent noise consultant company, we are not confined to any particular company's range of products. Sometimes, we purpose-design noise control solutions using our high level of technical / engineering expertise and knowledge. Our noise consultants do this where it can provide large savings on the cost of noise control, or where a much higher noise reduction is needed than can be achieved by common noise control solutions (sometimes it achieves both at the same time!).

A purpose-designed solution can also provide operational benefits in some cases - for example much lower flow resistance in the case of an extractor fan (many common types of silencer used in industry impose a high flow resistance, which can impair fan performance substantially). The unusual combination of solutions, experience and technical expertise that we offer has made our industrial / engineering noise consultant services very popular.

Reduction in noise for dust extraction fan

We can supress noise on all types of industrial machine, either to reduce workers' noise exposures or to solve noise nuisance problems.

One of our most popular services is as a fan noise consultant to reduce the sound from industrial extraction systems or an individual extractor fan. This is often instigated when nearby residents complain about the noise from a factory dust extraction system, blower, etc. Our fan noise consultant company has been able to help solve numerous problems involving extractor fan noise reduction and control.

For more details of our industrial / engineering / fan noise consultant services, please click on Industrial Noise at Work if you are interested in reducing noise for people at work, or for information on noise nuisance problems Industrial Noise Nuisance.

Acoustic Consultant - Buildings

Our acoustic consultant company can help with sound-proofing buildings or with acoustic panels to reduce reflected noise within rooms, so reducing the echo, lowering sound levels and making communication much easier. Our acoustic consultant service has helped to control noise in many types of school, office, factory, control room, training room and building. For example, we have helped Cheam independent, private school in Newbury, Berkshire (Berks), UK, who were looking for an acoustic consultant to reduce the level of reflected noise in their school dance and drama studio. Our noise consultants have also helped Elstree independent school (also in Newbury, Berkshire) to suppress the very high levels of reflected (reverberant) noise within their school dining room. We have also helped Dolby to reduce echo and reflected noise in several of their offices and recording studios.

Acoustic consultant company information on noise surveys, reduction and control services

Because we are independent of all suppliers of acoustic and noise reduction products, our noise consultant company is free to select the most suitable and cost-effective noise control product available on the whole market. This means that we can give our customers access to a much wider range of products than some other companies, who supply only a limited range of noise reduction products. Also, whereas the income and profits of acoustic material and product suppliers are directly linked to the quantity that they supply, ours are not. We specify the minimum extent of treatment needed.

So, by being an independent noise consultant company, we can often save our customers money on acoustic and noise reduction solutions. In fact, we pride ourselves on saving money for our customers - this is a major aim of our noise consultant company. In some cases, we can also provide a higher noise reduction than achieved by common types of noise control solution.

Acoustic solution for office noise
Details of our noise impact assessment and survey report for planning applications

As an independent acoustic consultant company, we aim to find the optimum acoustic solution in terms of both performance and cost. In practice, this means finding the optimum treatment in terms of the type of acoustic material, panel or product and the area and location to be treated, all of which affect both acoustic performance and cost. We pride ourselves on providing high quality and effective acoustic solutions at reasonable cost.

Our building acoustic consultancy service specialises in solving noise problems in UK commercial property such as a school, office, hotel, restaurant, factory, sports centre, commercial companies, etc. We also provide noise survey and assessment services to assist with planning applications and to help those objecting to planning permission.

We also provide noise assessment services and sound surveys. For details, click Noise Assessment and Measurement Surveys

For more details of our acoustic consultant services for buildings and some examples where we have achieved exceptionally high noise reductions, please click on the Building Noise Control button on the menu above. This gives details of soundproofing of offices or buildings and acoustic absorption solutions. For details of our planning consultancy service, click on Planning Noise Consultant.

Comments from previous customers


' .. a very professional noise consultant. Excellent.'

'.. whereas other noise reduction companies and an acoustic consultant were all proposing high cost schemes, your noise consultant came up with a low cost, practical solution.'

'.. your noise consultant was very professional - superb.'

'.. a very high quality noise survey report'

For a quotation or more information about our acoustic and noise consultant services, please click on contact us about acoustic and noise consultant services.

Our acoustic / noise consultant company is based in St Albans, (Herts) Hertfordshire, near London, but we work throughout the UK.

If you live in a domestic house and suffer noise nuisance from a commercial or industrial business, instead of ringing us, please click on noise consultant advice for help and advice on how to solve the problem.

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Our noise consultant company offers noise reduction, abatement and control services to industrial and other companies in Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Essex, Cambridgeshire (Cambs), Bedfordshire (Beds), Northamptonshire (Northants), Kent, Middlesex, Herts (Hertfordshire), Sussex, Oxfordshire and all other areas of the UK. Our noise consultancy company is in St. Albans, Herts / Hertfordshire in the South East of England Home Counties, Eastern Region, about 20 miles north of central London, UK (United Kingdom). Local towns include Hatfield, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire (Herts), Stevenage, Letchworth, Hitchin, Harpenden, Sandy, Luton in Bedfordshire (Beds), Hertford, Hoddesdon, Borehamwood, Potters Bar, Barnet, Enfield Waltham Abbey, Cheshunt, Cambridge in Cambs (Cambridgeshire), Bedford, Harlow in Essex, Milton Keynes, Bishop's Stortford, St Neots, Aylesbury in Bucks (Buckinghamshire), Reading in Berks (Berkshire), Chelmsford, Northampton in Northants (Northamptonshire), Huntingdon, Peterborough, Uxbridge in Middlesex, London, Crawley in Sussex, Oxford in Oxfordshire and Sittingbourne in Kent. We are close to several boroughs of London.

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