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Our Noise Reduction Solutions can save many thousands of pounds on the cost of industrial noise control.
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As an acoustic or noise consultant we offer a much wider range of solutions to building noise, building services noise and planning noise problems. Whereas other noise control companies, acoustic engineers and acoustic consultants only provide soundproofing or sound insulation schemes for building structures, we offer a range of technologically advanced machinery noise control solutions as well. Having such a wide range of acoustic solutions from which to choose can provide considerable benefits such as large cost savings and / or much higher noise reductions
Our advanced engineering control solutions can be applied to many types of machines or equipment in offices, hotels, hospitals and other buildings. Common examples include fans, chillers, air conditioners, condensers, heaters, ventilation systems, compressors, etc.
Another benefit of our advanced engineering solutions is that they generate very little resistance to airflow, unlike conventional silencers where high noise reductions are achieved at the cost of high resistance, which impairs fan performance or increases energy consumption due to the higher fan speeds required.
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