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We are a specialist industrial noise reduction company, and noise control in industry represents the majority of our work. We have provided successful and practical noise control solutions for a very wide variety of industrial companies, machinery and factories throughout the UK. More details of our noise reduction services are given on other pages of this website. This page contains a few examples of the industrial noise reduction solutions we have provided for some of the most common types of industrial machine and factory.

An advanced technology noise control solution

We often help our customers save thousands of pounds on the cost of noise control by providing a much wider range of industrial noise reduction solutions than other companies, and by using advanced sound-proofing technology and noise cancelling techniques. There are more details on other pages of this website and illustrations of the large savings in noise reduction costs that our company often achieves for manufacturing industry. For details, click on Noise at Work for information on work-place sound, or for nuisance affecting local residents, click on Noise Nuisance.

In all of the examples below, we used an engineering solution, advanced noise cancelling methods or sound-proofing technology to reduce the noise at source, at low cost. We have provided noise reducing services for other types of machine, company, industry, factory and equipment not listed below. Contact us for details of our other types of industrial noise reduction solution.

Examples of Noise Reduction Solution in Industry

Air Conveyors. An industrial noise reduction company quoted £130,000 to reduce noise from air conveyors (airveyors) by installing noise control enclosures. The customer chose our company instead. Our engineering solution was very successful, suppressing the noise by 6 dBA and reducing it below the 85 dBA target. Our noise solution cost only £2500, saving the company £127,500.

Air Knife. A purpose-designed silencer and air flow modifications were used to abate noise from an air knife by 11 dBA. The noise at the nearest worker fell from 93 dBA to 82 dBA. Similar noise attenuating treatments have been applied to many other air knives at considerably lower cost than using acoustic enclosures.

Fan Noise Reduction for Air Conveyor Transport System

Air Jets. Compressed air jets and air guns are commonly used in industry to dry, cool, clean or eject components. Our noise solutions have achieved sound reductions of 7 - 15 dBA on numerous air jets and air guns while reducing compressed air usage and energy consumption at the same time. Our compressed air gun / air-jet noise solutions are very low cost and use minor engineering modifications to muffle / suppress the noise at source.

Belt noise. Technique used: engineer noise out at source. Result: 10 - 12 dBA noise reductions on a range of different machinery drives where belt noise was the problem.

Blower. Noise reductions of 13 - 15 dBA achieved on a variety of different industrial blowers using various low cost sound muffling measures.

Blow mould machine. The diagnostic tests carried out by our engineer showed that most of the noise was generated by the cooling system. Treating this gave a noise reduction of 7 - 9 dBA on a range of different blow mould machines. The cost was considerably lower than the normal solution of sound-proofing the entire machine.

Specialists in manufacturing, machine, fan and factory noise suppression
Example of reducing vibrating feeder noise at biscuit factory

Boiler - Industrial. Our specialist acoustic engineering solutions have cut industrial boiler noise by 10 - 12 dB, and often by 15 - 22 decibels. This type of noise solution is a particularly effective treatment for cancelling low frequency boiler drones, and has the additional benefit of low installation cost.

Cardboard slitter & cutter. Small sound-proof guard modifications provided 9 dBA noise reductions on a slitter and cutter machine in a factory in the cardboard industry a fraction of the cost of an acoustic enclosure.

Chute. Noise from product impacts on chutes is very common in many types of factory. We have achieved sound reductions of 8 - 15 dBA on numerous chutes using engineering noise solutions that are as durable as the original chute material. This contrasts with other types of noise solution commonly applied to chutes, which use a material that quickly wears away, whereupon all the sound reduction is lost and the loud chute impact noise returns. As well as being highly effective, our chute impact noise solutions are low cost and avoid the need for expensive acoustic enclosures and sound-proofing.

CNC machines. We were able to reduce CNC machine noise by 9 - 10 dBA using a simple noise suppression treatment.

Coater. The noise from paper coater machines was reduced by 10 - 14 dBA using low cost acoustic engineering treatment.

Compressed air. Numerous compressed air noise problems have been solved successfully. For example, treating compressed air jet nozzles on a can drier in the drinks industry provided a 15 dBA sound reduction at very low cost. Air jets are a very common cause of high noise levels in UK industry, and we can suppress their noise at very low cost.

Compressor. Noise attenuation of 6 – 10 dBA achieved on various types of compressor by purpose-designing a silencer. Our silencers are all designed to have a very low resistance to air flow. In contrast, most commercial high performance types of silencer / muffler have high resistance, which can impair fan performance and cause overheating. On some types of compressor, we have used engineering sound abatement methods to reduce noise levels by 15 – 31 dBA at considerably lower cost than fitting acoustic enclosures and industrial sound-proofing.

Conveyor. Our low cost noise suppressing techniques have been applied to several types of factory conveyor, reducing the conveyor noise by 6 - 11 dBA.

Cyclone. Advanced noise cancelling technology has been applied to several types of cyclone, reducing noise by 21 dBA. This very large sound reduction was achieved at very low cost using minor engineering air-flow modifications fitted inside each cyclone.

Suppression of noise from this industrial dust extract fan
Achieving a large noise reduction at very low cost

Drier. 10 - 11 dBA noise attenuation achieved on several different driers by purpose-designing a high performance muffler. Each muffler was designed to have low resistance to air flow, so that there was no significant loss of fan or drier performance.

Drink industry filling machine impacts. Practical engineering modifications were fitted to filling machines in the drink industry, reducing the impact noise generated by the filler by 7 - 11 dBA at considerably less cost than using acoustic enclosures.

Electric motor. We designed a silencer to muffle / attenuate the sound on many different types of electric motor, achieving reductions of about 10 dBA.

Achieving large noise reductions at low cost

Extruder. Sound reductions of 5 - 10 dBA achieved on many extruders, pelletisers, vibratory sieves and air knives using technical engineering and sound-proofing noise solutions that cost much less than the alternative of fitting acoustic enclosures.

Fan noise. Our company has provided solutions to attenuate noise from numerous industrial fans, from large to medium and small ones. We have successfully treated a very wide variety of extractor fan, achieving noise reductions of up to 26 dBA. We use various solutions to abate / reduce extract fan noise, including acoustic engineering methods and advanced sound-proofing / muffling technology. Where there is a fan 'hum' or 'whine', by using specialist noise cancellation technology we can often provide higher sound reduction than is possible with common types of treatment. For example, we have reduced extractor fan hums and whines by up to 22 - 32 dB using advanced attenuation technology. See the fan noise reduction page on this web site for more examples of our noise abatement measures and services for extraction fans.

Filling machines / lines. We have been able to suppress filling machine noise on production lines in a variety of industries, including for various food and drink companies. Our filling machine technical sound-proofing solutions cost considerably less than the alternative of fitting acoustic enclosures.

Food chopper. A purpose designed silencer was fitted to the material infeed and outfeed ports, reducing noise on a food chopper machine by 22 dBA. Our company offers various practical noise suppressing measures that are suitable for the stringent hygiene requirements within the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries. Much of our noise reduction work is for food companies. We also carry out a large amount of noise abatement work for drink manufacturing factories and pharmaceutical companies.

Gear-box. We have reduced gear and gearbox sound by up to 22 dB using minor engineering noise solutions. These cost considerably less than an acoustic enclosure, which is the usual sound-proofing solution for gearboxes. Our low cost noise attenuating methods have been successfully applied to many different types of gear and gearbox.

Grader. The noise from several vibratory graders was reduced by 10 - 11 dBA by applying low cost engineering treatment to the production machines in several factories.

Noise Reduction and Control for Bakery Machines

Granulators. Sound reductions of 10 - 15 dBA have been achieved on many different granulators by designing high performance noise attenuating silencers that avoid the need for expensive acoustic enclosures.

Guillotines. We have been able to abate the noise from many guillotines using engineering noise suppression methods to muffle the sound.

Hammer mill. A low cost engineering noise solution was used to suppress hammer mill sound by 24 dBA.

Hydraulic noise. A minor acoustic engineering modification was designed for the hydraulic drive on a mixer, reducing the noise by 7 dBA at very low cost. This practical noise abatement solution can be applied to most types of hydraulic noise problem and a wide range of hydraulic machinery & equipment It also costs much less than an acoustic enclosure and industrial sound-proofing.

Hydraulic pump. Low cost engineering modifications were used to abate noise by 15 - 17 dBA on a hydraulic pump that drives a large industrial mixer. This noise solution was very successful, attenuating the sound from 97 dBA to 80 - 82 dBA at low cost.

Details of noise solution to control sound at work and nuisance noise
Green wire machines - to add text yet

Impact noise problems. Noise reductions of 7 - 11 dBA have been achieved on a wide variety of machinery, equipment and types of chute, using a highly durable and practical sound control treatment to reduce impact noise. Because it incorporates a steel impact surface, our noise solution avoids the problems of the soft rubber-like materials that are commonly used to reduce impact noise. Soft materials like rubber can quickly wear completely away, whereupon the high impact noise level returns. As they wear, these soft rubber-like materials can also contaminate the product. This can be a major problem on chute and other types of impact surface in a hygienic industry such as the food, drinks and pharmaceutical industries. Impact noise is very common in industrial companies and is present in many types of factory. Consequently, we have considerable experience of reducing impact noise in many different industrial applications.

Labelling machines. Our noise solutions were used to suppress the sound from several types of labelling machines in the food and other industries.


Lathe. 7 - 8 dBA noise reductions achieved on various types of multi-spindle automatic lathe. Also, our noise suppression method achieved 9 - 10 dBA reduction on CNC lathes at much lower cost than acoustic enclosures.

Linisher. Our noise suppressing techniques were used to attenuate noise by 10 - 13 dBA at very low cost on many different linisher machines.

Mixer. On various types of mixer in the food, power generation and other types of industry, we have achieved a noise attenuation of between 6 and 17 dBA using various acoustic engineering methods to muffle the sound.

Motor. Engineering solutions were used to abate motor noise by 6 - 10 dBA on numerous different motors without the need for an expensive acoustic enclosure.

Packaging Lines. We used various low cost engineering noise control techniques to considerably reduce the noise on packaging lines used to process pharmaceutical tablets. We have applied similar noise suppression measures to packaging production lines in food factories and other industries.

Packing machines. Acoustic engineering solutions have been applied successfully to many packing machines. For example, our specialist noise solution for packing machines at a food snacks company provided 6 - 10 dBA sound reduction. The installation cost per packing machine was very low.

Paint booth supply and extract fans. A small modification to the air-flow on each supply and extract fan was used to attenuate the noise inside a paint spray booth, reducing it by 3 – 6 dBA without impairing extraction performance. This sound reduction was achieved at very low cost, without the need for muffling materials.

Pipe noise. A supplier and installer of gas compressors and pipework was spending large sums of money on acoustic lagging / muffling to suppress the noise radiated by the pipes used to carry gas around the plant. We provided an alternative solution that achieved a much higher noise attenuation at considerably lower cost. This avoided the need to fit acoustic pipe lagging. The savings amounted to about £5000 per site on average.

Pipes. Low cost engineering modifications were applied to muffle pipes containing hydraulic fluid, reducing pipe radiated noise by 15 – 17 dBA. Other types of engineering noise control measures have been applied to pipes containing water, sewage and other materials, helping to suppress pipe noise by 6 – 15 dBA.

workers noise exposure assessment

Plastic extruder. A high performance engineering vibration damping treatment was used to reduce noise by 5 dBA on a plastic extruder. Our engineer carried out the work directly for the manufacturer, and they applied the noise solution to all their extruder machines of that type at considerably less cost than using acoustic enclosures.

Pneumatic cylinder. On numerous pneumatic (air) cylinders, our engineering treatments were used to reduce the noise by 10 - 21 dBA at very low cost. Pneumatic / air cylinders are a common noise problem in industrial factories.

Press. Engineering noise solutions have produced sound reductions of between 7 and 11 dBA on a many different presses at low cost. Power press noise is a common industrial problem. The common solution is to fit an acoustic enclosure around each press. This is a very costly solution. It also restricts access to the press, so can impair productivity. Engineering types of noise solution avoid this, and they cost considerably less. The cost savings are enormous, particularly where there are a substantial number of presses.

new press

Pumps. See hydraulic pumps, above, and vacuum pumps, below.

Sand-blast machines. 4 - 10 dBA noise attenuation on sand-blast machines without the need for an expensive acoustic enclosure.

Sanders. Our noise suppressing solution reduced noise from sanding machines by about 6 - 10 dBA.

Saw. Noise suppression has been carried out on numerous circular saws, reducing noise levels by 5 - 12 dBA at much lower cost than the alternative of fitting an acoustic enclosure. This includes saws used to cut plastic, wood and other materials. Similar low cost noise muffling measures have also been applied successfully to band-saws

A low cost and highly effective industrial noise reduction solution

Shredders. We have used low cost noise solutions to suppress shredder sound on many machines.

Stitching machine. 5 - 7 dBA sound reduction achieved on numerous stitching machines at very low cost, reducing workers' noise to below 80 dBA.

Trim extract fan. We achieved 8 dBA noise attenuation by muffling a side trim extract fan in the cardboard industry at very low cost, reducing noise at the nearest worker to 81 dBA.

Tablet packaging lines. In the pharmaceutical industry, we reduced the noise by up to 16 dBA on tablet packing lines using acoustic engineering treatment that cost little to install. Similar practical noise control measures were applied to other parts of the production lines.

Vacuum pump. 7 - 8 dBA noise reductions achieved on many different types of vacuum pump at much lower cost than using an acoustic enclosure. On some types of vacuum pump our noise suppressing techniques achieved 14 - 15 dBA.

red vib bowl

Vibratory bowl feeder. Minor engineering noise abatement methods were used to reduce noise on various types of vibrating bowl feeder by 12 dBA. This sound control solution was fitted at very low cost.

Vibratory deburrer. Sound reduction of 7 dBA on vibrating deburrer machines, reducing nearest worker's noise to 83 dBA.

Vibratory conveyor, separator, weigher, feeder, sieve, vibrator. We achieved noise reductions of 10 - 11 dBA on a variety of industrial vibrator and deburring machinery & equipment, including various types of separator, sieve, weigher, conveyor, vibrators and feeders for powder & other product.

Waste extract fan. 5 - 12 dBA noise attenuation produced on various types of waste extract fan.

Weigher. Our low cost noise suppression methods were used to reduce multi-head weigher noise by 10 - 15 dBA. This has been applied to many multi-head weigher machines in food, plastics and other types of industry at much lower cost than fitting an acoustic enclosure or industrial sound-proofing.

Wood planer & thicknesser. 8 - 13 dBA noise reductions achieved on a variety of wood-working planer & thicknesser machines using minor, low cost noise abatement modifications and other practical sound control solutions.

Wood saw. 5 - 8 dBA sound reduction achieved on many types of circular wood-working saw using very low cost noise suppression measures.

brown fan

Industry & Machine Type


The current Control of Noise at Work regulations strongly emphasise that each UK company must implement noise control at source to reduce deafness risks, instead of relying on ear protectors. So, sound control is an essential element of any programme to comply with the regulation in all factory and industrial environments where the noise level is high.

Our company has solved many types of noise control problem for numerous manufacturing companies, across a very diverse and wide range of industrial sectors throughout the UK. We have achieved this using low cost specialist noise reduction measures including advanced sound-proofing and noise cancelling services. Below are some examples of manufacturing industries and types of machine for which we have provided sound control services to help the company comply with the UK Control of Noise at Work regulation:-

Noise reduction example for biscuit machines in food and bakery industry

Assembly machines / lines. An acoustic engineering / noise suppressing technique of ours has successfully reduced noise on many different assembly machines / lines.

Bakery. We have successfully reduced noise on many types of bakery machine. We have worked for bakeries that make buns, bread, crumpets, pancakes and other food products. Our noise suppression solutions are well suited to bakeries as they achieve the stringent hygiene requirements of the food and bakery industry.

Cask and Keg lines - Brewery. Our engineering solution was used at a brewery to suppress noise on several cask and keg lines. The low cost noise solution was installed in a number of breweries.

Chemical industry: vibrator, feeders, fan, classifier, pulveriser, hopper, furnace, mixers, vacuum pumps.

Component / Product manufacture: coater, printer, slitter, test machine, assembly machine, bowl feeders, compressed air gun, labelling machine, product conveying.

Drinks industry - Brewery / Distillery: cask and keg line, filler, washer, labeller, bottling line, can dryer, air knives.

Fabrication / Engineering: power presses, extractor fans, paint booths, saws, compressed air guns, vacuum pumps, ovens, turret presses.

Food industry - General: label machine, frozen and chilled food production line, freezer, dryer, fan, bakery equipment: bread, bun, pancake, crumpet manufacturing lines; production and packing machine, can making machine, pie line, desert production line, filling line, capper, vibrator; Vegetable factory equipment - splitter, washing, cleaning, dicing, slicer, peeler, and puree machine, food processing machine, processor, packaging / packing machines, dicer, ultrasonic cutter, tray wash machines, vibratory feeders, multi-head weigher, conveyors, flow wrapper, product transfer fans / blowers, magnetic lid separator.

Food industry - Bakery: divider, pan shaker, depanner, packing machine, tray wash, conveyor, pan cleaner, dough mixer, pneumatic exhaust, compressed air jet, vibrators, bread line, bread slicer, bun plant, mixers, cooler, crumpet line, day goods manufacture, packaging machine, divider, vacuum hood, pan stop, pan turner, stacker, pan cleaner, dolly loader.

Food industry - Sweet Manufacture: vibrating feeder, fan, multi head weigher, bagging machine, wrapper, hopper.

Food tray manufacture: tray presses, trim press, extruder.

Housebuilding products: brick manufacturing machine, tile cutter, tile production machine, packer

Industrial products: packer, laminating machine, trim extract, mixers, grinder, driers, fans, hydraulic drive, impact noise sources, industrial boiler, fillers, bagging machines, slitter, grinder, extruder, washer, paint booth, conveyors, labeller, hydraulic press, ultrasonic welder, chiller, air condenser, packing lines, oven, presses, air guns, CNC machines, blower, compressor, shredder, finishing machines, printer, coater, sander, assembly machines, bowl feeder, pump, air conditioner, cutter, binder, packaging machines, gluer, vacuum pumps, motors, assembly machines, electrical component inserter, spiral elevator, sieve, hydraulic mixer.

Metalworking / Engineering industries: assembly machine, pump, press, auto lathe, ultrasonic welder, CNC machine, mill, guillotine, manufacturing machine, production machines, lid making machine.

Packaging industry: Packaging machine, wrapper, gluer, box maker, printing press, cut and crease machine, fork lift truck, case maker, Bobst die press, corrugated cardboard slitter, shredder, corrugator, cutter, chopper fan, vacuum pump.

Paper Processing: embossing rolls, coater, gearboxes, vacuum rollers, fans, coating line

Pharmaceutical industry: wide range of production and packaging machines, fans, assembly machine, bowl feeders, fillers, tablet compression machine, boiler.

Plastics industry: blow mould machine, extruder, cyclones, granulator, coating machines, injection moulding machine, grinder, ultrasonic welder, pelletiser, vibratory separator, air knives, shredder.

Printing industry: binding line, trimmer, stitcher, feeder, cutter, printer, binder.

Water industry: blower, pipe noise

Woodworking / Furniture industry: belt sander, drum sander, saw, edgebander, CNC router, compressor, extraction fans, motor, planer, thicknesser, shaper, pneumatic exhaust, bandsaw, circular saw.

Some more examples of our industrial noise control experience and expertise are shown on other pages of this web site, with costs.

To find out how we can help you with a solution to an industrial noise control problem, or for a quote, click on contact us about reducing industrial noise.

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