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Environmental Noise Control

We are a professional environmental noise control company with a reputation for providing high quality sound measurement / survey services and highly effective sound suppression solutions. Our services are available for all types of environmental noise pollution, including industrial, commercial, leisure activities, etc. We are very experienced in helping to reduce environmental sound - our company has over 35 years' experience.

Fans are a common cause of environmental noise pollution. So, fan noise control is a very common service that we provide, particularly for environmental noise emitted from a factory or industrial company. We have successfully completed many projects where our specialist fan solutions have made the sound inaudible to nearby residents after more common types of solution had been tried by other companies but didn't provide enough noise reduction. For details and case studies, click on environmental fan noise control.

The common types of solution usually used for environmental noise control are an acoustic screen, wall, noise barrier, berm, silencer, etc., and we specify these where appropriate. However, for sound transmitted from a factory, we frequently use specialist industrial noise solutions based on advanced technology because these often provide much higher noise reductions than standard, more common types of solution. They can provide considerable cost savings as well.

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Noise Surveys and Assessments

Environmental noise pollution is one element of IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) in the UK. IPPC sets limits on environmental sound levels at site boundaries. This means that to comply with IPPC, some companies are being asked to implement an environmental noise reduction solution even though sound levels are not high enough to cause noise nuisance. Our advanced noise control solutions can considerably reduce the cost burden imposed by IPPC.

We also provide environmental noise control services to non industrial companies such as leisure centres and other commercial buildings, and for leisure activities. This includes reducing fan noise as well as sound from a wide range of other sources.

As well as providing highly effective noise control solutions, our consultants also carry out sound / noise surveys, prediction and environmental impact assessments.

We provide our environmental noise reduction and sound survey services throughout the UK.

To find out how our company can help you, please phone us or click on contact for environmental noise control.

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If you are a private resident suffering nuisance from environmental noise, instead of ringing our company, please click on noise advice where you'll find lots of information and advice.

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