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Noise Consultants

We are professional noise consultants with a reputation for providing high quality services and highly effective solutions. Based on over 35 years’ experience, our company provides a range of noise consultancy services. This page focuses on our planning noise services, but we also provide other types of sound consultancy and advice. For example, we are expert industrial noise consultants, with a long track record of success in reducing workers’ noise exposures and abatement of factory noise that is causing nuisance to nearby residents. For details on our services as industrial noise consultants, click on industrial noise at work or industrial noise nuisance.

Planning Noise Control Consultants

We can help companies, planning consultants, house builders and developers obtain planning permission in many different types of situation, whether the noise emanates from an industrial company, a leisure or commercial building, or other sources. Our consultants have helped obtain planning consent in difficult cases where noise levels are high and where a very large sound reduction was needed.

Noise is frequently an important element of a planning application. For example, exceptionally high demand for houses in the UK means that planning applications are increasingly being lodged for new housing developments close to noisy factories and industry. Loud noise from an industrial estate or company can prevent planning permission being granted. By providing much higher sound reductions than other methods, our specialist industrial noise solutions can achieve planning permission in cases where it would be refused otherwise.

Example: Planning permission for converting a building into flats was initially refused due to high levels of fan noise from a nearby industrial factory. A solution using silencers and an acoustic barrier / wall / fence was recommended by other noise consultants, but this was rejected because it could not provide enough noise reduction. We proposed a technologically advanced noise solution for the extractor fan. This was designed to suppress the sound generating mechanism of the fan at source. This solution was adopted and it provided a very large noise reduction – sufficient to gain planning permission. The highly effective sound reduction measures designed by our fan noise consultants were paid for by the housing developer.

For more information on how our consultants can help reduce fan noise, or for help with planning noise control where a fan is the main source, click on Fan Noise Consultants.

As well as providing highly effective noise control solutions, our consultants can also carry out planning noise surveys, prediction and environmental impact assessments.

Example: The Local Authority was concerned about noise pollution from a new UK telecommunications transmission facility planned for a quiet green field site. To obtain planning permission to build the facility, the company had to comply with a very low night time noise limit set by the Local Authority.  Our noise consultants carried out extensive environmental noise predictions and used the results to provide noise specifications for each of the equipment suppliers to meet in order to achieve the overall limit.  The aim was to avoid noise nuisance complaints.  This aim was achieved successfully.

Example: A football club and school submitted a combined planning application to build several all-weather football pitches within the school grounds. The local Council requested a noise impact assessment and a survey report. For this type of activity, the loudest sound is usually from players and coaches shouting during football training and matches. We carried out noise surveys and predictions to calculate likely sound levels at the nearest houses. Then we compared these to existing background noise levels and produced a report containing the results. Based on our noise survey report, planning permission was granted.

For more information, a quotation, or to find out how our company can help you with noise in a planning application, please click on planning noise consultants. We are based in St Albans, Herts but work throughout the UK.

Environmental Noise Control and Reduction

Our noise consultants are highly experienced in helping to reduce environmental sound. The standard types of solution usually used for environmental noise control are an acoustic screen, wall, noise barrier, silencer, etc., and we specify these where appropriate. However, for sound transmitted from a factory, we frequently use specialist industrial noise solutions based on advanced technology because these often provide considerable cost savings and much higher noise reductions than standard, more common types of solution.

Environmental noise pollution is one element of IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) in the UK. IPPC sets limits on environmental sound levels at site boundaries. This means that to comply with IPPC, some companies are being asked to implement an environmental noise control solution even though sound levels are not high enough to cause noise nuisance. Our advanced noise control solutions can considerably reduce the cost burden imposed by IPPC.

To find out how our company can help you with environmental or planning sound reduction, a noise impact assessment or a survey, please ‘phone us or click on contact noise consultants.

If you are a private resident suffering noise nuisance from an industrial or commercial business, instead of ringing us, please click on noise consultants advice where you'll find lots of information and advice.

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Our noise consultants provide noise reduction and sound measurement services to industrial, planning and other companies in Hertfordshire (Herts), Essex, Middlesex, Kent, Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire (Cambs), Bedfordshire (Beds), Northamptonshire (Northants), Sussex and most other areas of the UK. Our noise consultants are based in St. Albans in the South East of England but operate throughout the UK.

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