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Special silencer for extraction fan noise nuisance

On some types of fan, the noise causing the nuisance is not primarily a drone, hum or whine, and a noise reduction is needed over a wide range of noise frequencies. In such cases, the advanced noise cancelling technique described in the 'cancelling fan noise' example may not be the best option (to see this, click cancel fan noise.)

Sometimes, an 'off the shelf' silencer is not suitable because it does not provide sufficient noise reduction or because it would impose too high a pressure loss, causing an unacceptable loss of fan performance, suction or extraction.

In such cases, we have purpose-designed a special type of silencer. We design this type of silencer in such a way as to provide a very high noise reduction combined with a very low (negligible) pressure loss, i.e. very low resistance to airflow. So, there is little or no loss of suction, extraction or airflow rate.

This type of silencer has been very successful on many different types of fan installation. We design the silencer according to the noise reduction needed. A noise reduction of 15 - 17 dBA is typical for this type of silencer, but in some cases has been as high as 25 dB. Where a lower noise reduction is needed, we design a smaller silencer. This minimises the cost. With a smaller, lower cost silencer, the typical noise reduction is in the region of 8 - 10 dBA.

Noise reduction for centrifugal extractor fan

Although the above focusses on an industrial silencer application, the purpose-designed type of silencer can be used on any type of fan or in any environment, not just industrial ones.

There are some more industrial fan noise control examples under the Noise Reduction button on the menu above.

To find out how we can help you by purpose-designing a silencer or with other types of solution to a fan noise nuisance problem, please click on contact us about an industrial silencer.

Note the above photo is illustrative only and does not show the fan described in this industrial silencer example.

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special industrial fan silencer solution

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