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Chiller and pump noise pollution and noise reduction

A chiller and several types of industrial pump were generating considerable noise pollution, and causing complaint from local residents. Our noise tests showed that about an 11 dBA noise reduction was needed. The noise contained distinctive "hum" and "whistle" types of sound, which were the main cause of annoyance and the prime candidate for noise reduction.

Our noise tests identified the presence of some faults on both the chiller and some of the pumps. The noise control solution that we recommended was to rectify these faults and to make some changes to the way that the chiller was operated at night in order to prevent further nuisance and complaint. The installation cost of this noise control solution was very low.

Chiller, air conditioner and air condenser units are a common cause of industrial noise pollution. Because they need to exhaust hot air to atmosphere, they are normally situated outside. Because houses are increasingly being built closer to factories, the number of industrial noise pollution complaints due to such cooling systems are increasing.

Often, the noise pollution generated by this type of industrial equipment is dominated by a low frequency drone or hum from the chiller compressors and / or the cooling fans. Engineering types of solution that reduce the noise pollution at source often provide a much higher noise reduction than common types of industrial noise control solution. This is because the noise reduction performance of common types of noise control solution, such as an acoustic screen, acoustic barrier, etc, is poor at low frequencies. Engineering noise control solutions that reduce the noise at source can be applied to most cases of chiller and cooling system noise pollution.

Although a high noise reduction can be achieved once the equipment is operational, the best time to solve noise pollution problems with chillers, air condensers and cooling systems is prior to ordering and installation. The cost of noise control is usually much less if implemented at this stage. Please contact us for advice on this.

More details and examples of engineering, "at source" type of noise reduction solutions for industrial noise pollution problems are shown on the Industrial Noise Control - Noise Nuisance page of this web site, with costs.

To find out how we can help you find a solution to any type of industrial noise pollution problem, or to receive our company brochure or a quotation, please click on contact us about industrial noise pollution.

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