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Air conditioner / air condenser : low frequency noise disturbance solution

Several air conditioner units were producing noise disturbance in a commercial office. The main problem was a loud low frequency noise drone from the air conditioner units, which was upsetting office workers and causing considerable disturbance of concentration. We provided a highly effective vibration isolation solution. We specifically designed the solution to provide a very high reduction in vibration level at the frequency of the noise drone. Commercial anti-vibration mounts were used, together with some small, but important, modifications to the air conditioner supports.

This solution successfully suppressed the low frequency noise drone such that it was no longer caused noise disturbance within the office. In fact, the noise control solution achieved such a high noise reduction that the air condenser noise was not even audible in the office.

Noise disturbance from air conditioner, air condenser and other types of cooling system is very common. The solution depends on whether most of the noise is due to vibration transmission or whether it is airborne transmission. In either case, we can provide a highly effective solution to the noise disturbance problem.

To find out how we can help you find a solution to a noise disturbance problem from an air conditioner / condenser or other equipment, please click on contact us about noise disturbance.

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