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Cancelling fan noise nuisance

A low frequency drone from an industrial extraction fan was causing noise nuisance to local residents. Our advanced technology noise solution suppressed the noise generating mechanism, cancelling the noise at source. This completely eliminated the drone, making it inaudible at the nearest houses.

This advanced noise cancelling technique has been used on a very wide variety of fans and installations, successfully cancelling out the annoying components of the noise. Usually, this is a drone, hum or whine. The human ear is particularly sensitive to such noise features, so cancelling them at source is usually all that is needed to abate the noise nuisance and prevent further complaint.

In many cases, this noise cancelling technique has succeeded in resolving industrial noise nuisance problems where other types of solution have failed. This is because the performance of common types of solution such as a silencer, enclosure, screen, barrier, etc, is poor at low frequencies (and low frequency noise is a very common cause of noise nuisance). By cancelling the noise generating mechanism at source, our advanced fan noise control solution provides a high noise reduction regardless of frequency. Often, it completely eliminates the noise drone, hum or whine.

To see an example where our advanced fan noise cancelling technique solved an industrial noise nuisance problem where common types of solution had failed, click on the Industrial Noise Control - Noise Nuisance page of this web site.

To find out how we can help you with cancelling fan noise or to cancel out other types of industrial noise nuisance, please click on contact us about industrial noise cancelling.

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could help you save £ thousands on cancelling fan noise nuisance

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