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Industrial Noise Attenuation

We specialise in industrial noise attenuation. Our company offers an unusual range of solutions that rely on advanced technology and engineering techniques to achieve high noise attenuation. The major benefit of this type of solution is that the cost is much lower than other types of noise attenuation solution. By selecting our solutions instead of common noise solutions, many companies have saved thousands of pounds on the cost of noise attenuation.

Another advantage of our solutions is that they avoid loss of machine performance, and sometimes they actually improve machine performance. Our solutions can be applied to most types of industrial machine. The following is an example of a solution that uses advanced technology to provide very high noise attenuation on an extract fan. Click on other pages of this web site for more details of the benefits of our solutions, or for more noise attenuation examples.

Fan Noise Attenuation Example

A low frequency hum from a scrap extract fan was causing noise nuisance to residents living close to a factory. A large noise attenuation was needed because the fan operated all night. The attenuation provided by silencers is very small at low frequencies, and would have been insufficient in this case. A higher attenuation could have been achieved using a more complex type of silencer, but this would have imposed a large pressure drop on the fan. This would have reduced the performance of the fan and the scrap extract rate. This was unacceptable.

Our solution used advanced technology to produce a very high attenuation in the fan hum noise. Tests afterwards showed that it produced a noise attenuation of 19 decibels (dB) - i.e. the fan hum was reduced by 19 decibels. This is equivalent to a 99% reduction in noise level. This very large noise attenuation meant that the fan hum was completely inaudible at the nearest houses afterwards. Previously the fan hum had been very noticeable, here.

In addition to the very high noise attenuation, our solution maintained the scrap extract rate and there was no loss of fan performance. So this solution combined very large noise attenuation with substantial performance benefits compared with a silencer.

Click on Industrial Noise Nuisance for more details on our solutions for resolving noise nuisance problems caused by fans and other types of machine. Click on Industrial Noise at Work for information on noise attenuation in the work place. See other pages of this web site for more noise attenuation examples, including examples for several different fans and for many other types of machine.

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