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Low frequency noise reduction at a food factory

A low frequency (62 Hz) noise drone from several cooling fans at a food factory caused a noise nuisance complaint. Because the low frequency performance of silencers is very poor, a standard silencer would have reduced the low frequency noise drone by only 3 dB. This is such a small noise reduction that residents would not have noticed any difference.

Using an advanced noise abatement technique, we reduced the low frequency noise drone by 19 dBA. This corresponds to a massive 99% reduction in noise energy. The solution achieved such a large noise reduction that it made the fans completely inaudible at the nearest house. Furthermore, it resolved the noise nuisance problem at low cost.

The advanced noise control solution also improved fan performance. Consequently, the fans needed to operate less often to maintain the required temperature. This reduced energy consumption. This would not have been the case had a common type of noise control solution been selected. Because they often increase the resistance to airflow, common types of noise reduction solution such as a silencer often reduce fan performance, or increase energy consumption due to the fan speed being increased to compensate.

The advanced low frequency noise control solution had another advantage over common types of solution. It was made of steel only. This meant that the company could continue the practice of cleaning each fan and duct with water jets. This would not have been possible had silencers been fitted. This is a very important consideration in the food industry because of their strict hygiene requirements.

A solution to control low frequency roof extractor fan noise

General comments on low frequency noise reduction

Low frequency noise is particularly difficult to control and reduce. The reason is that the performance of common types of noise control solution such as a silencer, enclosure, screen, barrier, etc. is poor at low frequencies. Because it involves suppression of, or breaking up the noise generating mechanism at source, an advanced noise control solution can provide a high noise reduction at any frequency. Often, it completely eliminates the low frequency noise drone, hum or whine. Consequently, there are many cases where an advanced noise reduction solution has succeeded in resolving a low frequency noise nuisance problem where other types of solution have failed.

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