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Industrial sound proofing for a press shop

After a business review, an industrial company making products for the food industry closed one factory and moved all their power presses into a warehouse at another factory. They believed that the industrial warehouse had sufficient sound proofing and that noise nuisance would not be a problem. However, when the presses started up on the first night shift, the noise at the nearby houses was so loud that the company received 20 noise nuisance complaints within the first 30 minutes alone. The company had to immediately suspend all night shifts. This caused huge problems for the company because it meant that they were unable to supply sufficient product to meet their orders, and it put their business at risk. A noise reduction solution was urgently needed.

We responded very quickly to the company's plight, and carried out tests to determine the noise reduction needed and the optimum solution. It turned out that the material fitted to the interior of the warehouse was not industrial sound proofing, but a different material that was providing very little noise reduction. So, we designed a new industrial sound proofing scheme for the building. This was highly successful. The new industrial sound proofing reduced the press noise below the night time background noise level - a reduction of more than 15 dBA.

This made the building sound proof and enabled the company to immediately re-start night shifts and carry on their normal business without causing nuisance or complaint.

The new industrial sound proofing achieved such a large noise reduction that it made the presses inaudible at the nearest houses, even at night. It was so successful that, afterwards, a local resident approached the noise consultant (at night), and asked why he was bothering to measure the noise when the presses were not running. When the noise consultant said that they were, he replied "that's incredible! Fantastic!"

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