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Sound proofing an industrial estate solves noise nuisance

A company that owns an industrial estate was refurbishing each business unit on the industrial estate in turn. This involved replacing the asbestos cladding with lightweight steel cladding. When a company moved its business into the first refurbished unit on the industrial estate, noise nuisance complaints were immediately received from residents of an adjacent house.

An Environmental Health Officer was called in, and served an Abatement Notice stating the amount of noise reduction that was required within a given time scale, otherwise the company would face a large fine or be prohibited from using their machines.

A dust extract fan and a CNC router were the cause of the noise nuisance. These were the two main machines used by the business. We recommended noise reduction measures to suppress the machine noise at source. We also designed an industrial sound proofing scheme for the building to reduce the transmission of noise to the adjacent house. The industrial sound proofing was necessary because a very large reduction in router noise was needed to prevent further nuisance and because the refurbished buildings were far from sound proof.

The effect of the noise reduction solution was assessed in conjunction with the Environmental Health Officer. He declared that the industrial sound proofing and the “at source” noise control treatment had successfully abated the noise nuisance, and that the requirements of his Noise Abatement notice had been successfully achieved.

We also carried out a noise survey for other companies on the industrial estate, to assess their noise levels and to predict likely levels of noise transmission to the houses following refurbishment and relocation to a different unit on the industrial estate. This data was then used to recommend additional soundproofing or other noise control measures necessary to prevent noise nuisance complaints following refurbishment of all the other units on the industrial estate.

More examples of noise control solution for industrial noise nuisance are shown on the Industrial Noise Control - Noise Nuisance page of this web site.

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