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Engineering Noise Control Solution for Boiler / Burner

Companies can often save thousands of pounds by selecting an engineering noise control solution instead of other, more common types of industrial noise solution. The engineering type of noise solution can be applied to both noise at work and noise nuisance problems. An example of reducing noise nuisance using an engineering noise solution is given below for industrial burner noise. For more details and other examples of engineering noise control solution, click on Industrial Noise Reduction at the top of the page.


Engineering noise solution for burner noise nuisance

A low frequency burner drone from an industrial boiler was causing noise nuisance complaints. The usual noise reduction solution for boiler noise is a large industrial silencer. To provide a 20 dB reduction in the noise drone, a silencer manufacturer quoted £10,000 - £14,000 depending on the allowable pressure drop. The company decided that this was too expensive and sought our help. Our engineering noise control solution produced a 22 dB reduction in the boiler drone with no pressure drop. The cost was £2000. So, the company saved £8,000 - £12,000 by selecting our engineering noise control solution instead of a silencer.

boiler fan

General comments about burner noise reduction solution

Low frequency combustion noise from various types of burner, boiler, dryer, furnace, etc. are a common cause of noise nuisance, and often requires a large noise reduction. The drone frequency is usually so low that normal noise control equipment like an industrial silencer provides little noise reduction (unless a very large, complex silencer is used, which is extremely expensive as shown by the above example). In contrast, an engineering noise control solution provides a high noise reduction at low cost. Here are a few examples of the large reduction in industrial burner noise achieved by an engineering noise control solution:-


A noise reduction of 11 dBA was achieved on a drier using a very low cost engineering noise control solution.

An engineering noise control solution eliminated a low frequency (37 Hz) burner noise drone, providing a 22 dB noise reduction.

A 15 dB reduction in a low frequency (110 Hz) boiler noise drone was produced by a low cost engineering noise control solution.

An engineering noise control solution achieved 10 dB noise reduction in a low frequency (117 Hz) boiler noise drone.


To find out how we can help you with an industrial noise solution, please click on contact us about an engineering noise solution.

Note: the above photograph of an industrial boiler combustion air supply fan is illustrative and is not the fan or boiler described in any of the engineering noise control examples.

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Engineering noise control solution for Industry

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