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Soundproofing / Sound Insulation
for Industrial Buildings

For information on soundproofing industrial machines, please click on soundproofing machines or select from the buttons, top left. As well as soundproofing machines, we can also design high performance sound insulation and soundproofing for industrial buildings, production areas, offices and control rooms. We have successfully completed a number of demanding building noise control projects where a very high noise reduction and a very high level of soundproofing and sound insulation were required.

Example: A company that was converting an industrial warehouse into offices needed a soundproofing solution to reduce the very loud noise from aircraft taking off from nearby Heathrow airport and flying low, directly over the office. The soundproofing / sound insulation scheme that we designed for the building achieved such a large noise reduction that visitors often comment favourably and express surprise at how quiet it is in the office. Having experienced the very high noise levels outside, several have asked "how can this be possible?"

Example: When an industrial company moved some presses to a different factory, the noise was so loud that they received 20 noise nuisance complaints in the first 30 minutes alone. The sound proofing / sound insulation scheme that we designed for the building achieved such a large reduction that it made the industrial presses inaudible, even during night time. Our acoustic solution was so successful and made the building so soundproof that, afterwards, a local resident asked the noise consultant why he was bothering to measure the noise when the presses were not running. When the noise consultant said they were running, he replied "that's incredible! Fantastic!"

For a quotation or to find out more about our soundproofing / sound insulation design service, please click on contact us about soundproofing and sound insulation (note: we do not usually provide a soundproofing service to owners of domestic houses, music venues or small shops - we specialise in industrial properties and machines).

Machine and Equipment Soundproofing

We offer a much wider than normal range of solutions to building noise problems. Whereas other types of noise control company and acoustic engineer only provide soundproofing or sound insulation schemes for building structures, we offer a range of technologically advanced machinery sound control solutions as well as soundproofing. Having such a wide variety of sound control solutions from which to choose can provide benefits such as large cost savings and a much higher noise reduction.

Advanced sound control solutions can be applied to many types of machine or equipment in industrial buildings including extract fans, which are a common cause of noise nuisance.

Example: Conference and training rooms can suffer from irritating and distracting low frequency drones or rumbles from heating and ventilation fans. This occurs because the low frequency performance of a conventional silencer (the usual acoustic solution) is poor. In contrast, advanced sound control solutions are highly effective at low frequencies, often eliminating drones and rumbles completely.

Another benefit of advanced sound control solutions is that they generate very little resistance to airflow. This contrasts with a conventional silencer where high noise reductions are achieved at the cost of high resistance, which can impair fan performance or increase energy consumption due to the higher fan speeds required.

For more information on how we can help with machine and equipment noise reduction, click on Industrial Noise Nuisance or on contact us for sound control.

More Information on Soundproofing

For a quotation or to find out how we can help you by designing soundproofing or sound insulation schemes for an industrial or commercial building, please click on contact us for help with noise insulation (note: we do not normally provide soundproofing services for domestic buildings). We work throughout the UK.

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