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Acoustic Solutions for Reflected Sound in Buildings

It is very common to find high levels of reflected sound in buildings. This makes it difficult to hear people speaking because it generates high levels of background noise when lots of other people are talking in the room. The solution is to install a specialist type of acoustic ceiling panel or wall tile to control the sound. This acoustic absorbent material can greatly reduce the level of reflected noise and considerably improve the acoustics of the room, making communication much easier. This type of sound control solution can be applied wherever reflected or reverberation noise is a problem, including industrial offices and control rooms.

Acoustic absorption inside building

The type of acoustic panel or tile, its material, size, location and area of coverage are all critical in achieving the optimum acoustic conditions and the best sound control solution. We can assess all these factors and determine the optimum acoustic solution and type of sound control panel or product for any type of room or building.

We normally use an acoustic panel system that provides a particularly high noise reduction. In previous projects this has proved very successful, and our acoustic solutions have achieved very high noise reductions.

Acoustic solution for office noise

Example: We were asked to help with a control room in a flour milling machine area. High noise levels were causing complaints from workers. We specified a high performance acoustic ceiling and also sealed some gaps in the control room walls. This produced a 6 - 7 dBA noise reduction in the control room. The acoustic ceiling panels transformed the room acoustics and produced a huge improvement in the subjective impression of the noise. After installation, workers said they were pleasantly surprised and very pleased at how well the acoustic treatment was performing.

School Acoustic Control Panels

Example: At Cheam independent school near Newbury, Berks (Berkshire), high levels of reflected noise made communication difficult in a dance and drama studio, resulting in complaints from the teacher about the room acoustics. We determined the optimum type of acoustic panel, its thickness, location and coverage area. The result was a specialist type of acoustic absorber panel fitted to the ceiling (none were needed on the wall areas). This achieved a very large reduction in the reflected sound, greatly reducing the background noise from children talking / performing, and making it much easier for the teacher to make herself heard and to control the class. There have been no more complaints since installation of the specialist acoustic ceiling panel.

Soundproof acoustic door seals were also fitted to the double entrance doors to reduce the noise transmitted from the school sports hall below. The combination of this plus the acoustic ceiling achieved a very large noise reduction.

Optimum Building Acoustic Solutions

For an acoustic solution to be effective, it is very important to install the optimum amount of acoustic absorbent material, and to apply it to the most appropriate surface (usually the ceiling, wall or both). It is also very important to match the sound control solution to the type of activity that occurs in the room.

There is a delicate balancing act. If too little acoustic material is installed, or if it is not installed in the best location(s), reflected noise will still be too high. Then, the background noise will remain too high and communication will remain difficult. If too much acoustic material is installed, there can be too little reflected sound and, where the room is used for presentations, the speaker may need to shout to be heard at the back of the room. So, obtaining specialist advice from an independent expert can be invaluable in ensuring a satisfactory acoustic solution. We can provide that advice - we take great care to get the balance right.

We aim to provide the optimum solution in terms of both performance and cost. Our company prides itself in achieving highly effective sound control solutions at reasonable cost.

Sound echo reduction in hall

For a quotation or to find out how we can help you to control sound using acoustic absorbent panels, please click on contact us for help with an acoustic solution.

Note the photographs are illustrative only and do not necessarily relate to the examples beside them.

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