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Noise Solutions Save £ thousands

We have a long track record of helping companies to save large amounts of money on industrial noise reduction and also solving noise problems after other companies have tried but been unsuccessful.

Our UK noise control company provides a range of specialist noise solutions that are not available from other firms, and which provide major benefits over common sound reduction methods. These specialist noise solutions use advanced technology and engineering techniques to achieve a high noise reduction at considerably lower cost than common types of noise control solution. Consequently, we often help companies to save many thousands of pounds on the cost of industrial noise reduction. That is a major aim of our noise control company.

For noise nuisance problems in particular, our specialist noise solutions provide exceptionally high noise reductions - much higher than other types of noise control solution. As a result, we have solved many noise nuisance problems after other companies tried unsuccessfully using standard noise solutions that did not achieve enough sound reduction to satisfy the complainants.

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Our specialist industrial noise solutions also provide major benefits for machine operation. This is because they do not restrict access to machines or visibility - unlike common types of noise solution such as acoustic enclosures, covers or noise control hoods. Although highly effective, our solutions are small and normally have no adverse effect on machine operation or performance. In contrast, acoustic enclosures, covers and hoods can reduce productivity and speed of production by making it more difficult to gain access to, or see into, the machine. These access restrictions can increase maintenance time & costs as well as machine down-time during breakdowns.

By suppressing the sound generating mechanisms at source, our industrial noise solutions can sometimes improve machine performance or productivity and reduce running costs.

We work mainly for all types of manufacturing industry and sizeable commercial companies. As experts in industrial noise solutions, most of our work is helping companies to comply with the Control of Noise at Work regulations and abatement of noise that is causing nuisance to residents of nearby houses.

We have over 35 years' experience of providing professional and highly effective industrial noise solutions. Our sound reduction company has resolved noise problems for numerous firms, including for many of the largest and most well-known manufacturing, food, drinks and pharmaceutical companies in the UK.

Noise reduction example for biscuit machines in food and bakery industry

How we can help you solve a noise problem

To find out how we can help you solve a noise problem, please click on sound reduction enquiry or ring us on 01727 864667

... or carry on reading to see more information on the benefits of our industrial noise solutions and comments from satisfied customers.

Noise Reduction and Control for Bakery Machines

Industrial Noise Solutions

All too often, companies waste large amounts of money on industrial noise reduction. One common cause is failure to find the most cost-effective solution. Other common reasons are selecting an inappropriate solution or treating the wrong noise source or transmission path, all of which can produce insufficient noise reduction, and sometimes little or no reduction. We can help you avoid all of these problems. Highly sophisticated noise measurement equipment coupled with considerable experience and diagnostic expertise means that our experts can pinpoint the main noise sources, transmission paths and causes of the noise problem very accurately.

This helps us to ensure that the noise solution, and the money spent, is targeted where it has most effect. Secondly, our diagnostic surveys enable us to provide solutions that are precisely targeted to the cause of the noise. Suppressing the noise generating mechanism at the main method by which our specialist solutions achieve an exceptionally high sound reduction.

A major feature of our industrial noise reduction service is the very wide range of solutions that we provide. This is highly unusual. Most companies offer only a few types of solution to reduce industrial noise - typically an acoustic hood, noise reduction enclosure, screen, sound reducing guard, acoustic absorbent ceiling or wall panels / materials. Although we use these common types of sound reduction solution where necessary (we view them as a last resort), our company is unusual in that it also offers a wide range of alternative specialist solutions for reducing the noise at source.

Our specialist “at source” types of noise solution provide major benefits over common types of industrial noise reduction solution, and this has made them very popular. Their benefits include:-

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> Low cost.
Our advanced / engineering noise solutions typically save 85% of the cost of industrial noise reduction enclosures, and 90 - 95% of the cost of fitting acoustic absorber panels to the factory ceiling.

> Ease of operating machines - no restrictions on access or visibility for operators or for maintenance work.

> Low maintenance cost.

> High noise reduction.

Specialists in manufacturing, machine, fan and factory noise suppression
An advanced technology noise control solution

The cost savings can amount to thousands of pounds per factory, machine or company. Companies often achieve savings of £8,000 - £15,000 by selecting one of our specialist noise solutions instead of the more common type of solution that they would have chosen had they not used our company's industrial noise reduction services.

Depending on the number of machines in the factory, the savings can be as high as £30,000 - £40,000.

Customer comments on our noise solutions

Here are a few comments from customers in manufacturing industry who have benefited from our expert industrial noise reduction services and solutions in the past:-

'The best noise solutions I've seen. In a different league'

'We're delighted! Your industrial noise solution saved us nearly £33,000'

'Your industrial noise control assessment saved us wasting £70,000 on acoustic ceiling panel absorbers that would have provided very little noise reduction'

'Very competent. Very professional'

How to get a noise solution for your machines / problems

For a costing, or to find out how we can help you solve a noise problem or save money on noise control, please ring us on the number below or click contact an expert.

Or you can find more information by clicking the following links to other pages of this website which contain more details, case studies, examples, costs and benefits:-

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Note: if you are a private individual looking for a noise abatement solution to resolve noise nuisance from a factory or industrial company, instead of ringing us, please click on sound reduction advice.

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